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 December 2019The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 30, No. 12 

From The President's Desk

I’m going to keep this message short and sweet. Shore Seekers has some work to do to survive into the next decade. Financially, thanks to Jerry, we are on solid ground, but, due to changes in liability laws, our host facility on Mt. Hermon Church Road can no longer have us meeting there as a non-church entity. The insurance company is threatening to jack up their rates so the board decided that times were too tight, so we thank them for being a generous host these past years.

That means we need a new venue and as of this date, we do not have one. I am asking all members to see if they can find a central location that is low cost or no cost (we have a very nominal fee to cover the electricity we burn currently) that could house roughly 40-50 people that would welcome us during our usual meeting hours. The day of the week might have to change as well, though I do like Thursdays since it's close to the weekend for club hunt planning purposes.

There may be other changes, but this is the one that will have the most impact. As I foreshadowed last newsletter, we have weathered several storms in the past decades, and we need to rally together again to keep our club from shattering into fragments due to lack of adequate meeting space. I personally don't care if it's somebody's workshop or garage as long as there is running water, heating and air conditioning, but others might feel differently.

We began meeting in the '80s in a side room of the old Computer Garden offices on S. Division St. thanks to the late Milford Webster, then we moved to the Brittingham Machine Shop thanks to former member Mike "Mr. Compass" Brittingham. After that we met in the Fruitland Boy Scout lodge, but the facilities were inadequate for our expanding numbers so Mt. Hermon UM Church was gracious enough to offer us their meeting hall. We have until the January meeting to come up with something so I am asking all members to work to find us a good central location.

Now, for the good news. No meeting this month, but we will be convening on Monday Dec. 9 at Abbott's Grille in Laurel for our holiday dinner. There will be free appetizers and some surprises in store, so if you haven't gotten your order in by the time you read this, you can still attend, but your meal might be delayed for not pre-ordering. Next month, dues will be due (if we have a place to meet), and we will elect officers and vote for Seeker of the Year. Please plan on participating, your vote counts! Bill lined up a great hunt site and those able to attend on short notice got some great finds that you will see in January. OK, that's it. If I don't see you at the dinner, maybe I'll see you in the field.

Andy Nunez,

Hunt Report

We postponed our November hunt by a week and were rewarded with lots of finds. I managed to get permission for us to search a favorite site in the Snow Hill area where we've been many times before. It looked absolutely perfect since beans had been cut and the ground was level and easy to walk on. Several old houses had stood in the fields but these were all long gone. Our hope was that some remnant of past habitation still remained.

Eleven of us met near the hunt spot and waited while I pointed out the usual boundaries of this large area. The cloudy and overcast skies didn't put a damper on us as I saw many great finds. Most all of us found something: large American pennies, British pennies and halfpennies, Indian heads and wheaties to name but a few. All the digging made us hungry and soon it was time for some chow.

Before we broke for lunch, however, four of us had gone to another property of the landowner's to help him search for a set of lost keys. Though we searched the area he had marked out for a good hour and a half, we were unsuccessful. I talked to him later and explained that we didn't find the keys but we'd be glad to go another time and look some more and would expand the search area. I also told him if he thought the keys were lost in a totally different location, we'd be glad to look there too.

Some left at lunchtime for other commitments, some stayed in the field and the rest of us headed to Four Seasons in Snow Hill. After we ate our fill of sandwiches and spaghetti, we were soon ready to head back to our hunt spot.

We hadn't been there five minutes before one of the hunters who had stayed showed off a terrific eight reale coin - a first for a club hunt. As the rest of us were dispersing after looking at this great find and offering our congratulations, another Seeker dug up a pretty 1876 seated Liberty half dollar - also a first on a club hunt. It was truly an unexpected and eventful day for the Seekers.

It was a great, fun day for all. It wasn't too cold or windy, but just right. I'm sorry we didn't have more hunters and this hunt came up on short notice. Family obligations shortened my time looking for fields. I'm glad to say that my son is doing well and is expected to return home shortly.

* * *

Keep your eyes open for more e-mails. We'll have to take our hunts when we can get them. I try to have them on the Saturday after the meeting but this doesn't always work out so bear with me.

* * *

As of now, I haven't heard anything else about our meeting place. We're out as of January 1 - don't count on this to change. We'll let everyone know one way or another as soon as possible. Until then, get out, have fun and look for places for the club. Pass them on to me and I'll give it a shot.

* * *

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that it's a great party at Abbott's in Laurel on Monday, December 9.

See you all soon!

Bill Draper,

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Thursday, November 14th 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

Raffle winners were Bob Shaffer and Ron Weippert.

Magazine raffle winners were Tony Goodyear, Bob Shaffer, Tab Brannock, Bill Mills, Bill Draper, Cameron Maser, Tim Lindsay, John Fassel and Doug Goodyear. Thanks to Barbara Peters for her donation.

Guests were the Weippert brothers from the Hoover Boys videos.


Extra copies of THE SEEKER were available.


Minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer gave his report.

There was more talk of the Christmas party. A sign-up list was available. The club will be providing appetizers.

There will be no regular meeting in December.


Andy and Bill informed members that we will need to find a new meeting place. Our current location will no longer be available to us as of January. Any suggestions for a new meeting spot are greatly appreciated. In the event we don't have a place by January, members will be notified by e-mail or regular mail.

Doug Goodyear found and returned a lost ring to someone. The man had lost it last year while putting up his Christmas lights. Congratulations to Doug as the newest member of the Shore Finders List.

Former member Marty Pratt thanked everyone for donating toy cars, etc. for the ESTC community endeavors. This is a good thing for everyone. Andy agrees and feels we need to be seen as doing good and giving back.


There is no site yet for the November hunt. Please watch your e-mail for details.

Andy noticed that some old sites are now opening up. Please keep an eye out for possible hunt sites.

The attendance prize winner was John Rebman.

The 50/50 raffle winner was Sonny Willing. He and the club each received $41. The silver half winner was Mr. Weippert.

Julie Pryor,

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