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 February 2018The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 29, No. 2 
The Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club is a proud member of the FMDAC

From The President's Desk

Well, I really didn't think I'd be typing this, but here I am, so thanks for all the support at the meeting. I want to start out by saying that while there are new things we can do, nothing is going to be a radical departure from the past. Unless, of course, you the members decide otherwise. I also want to thank Jerry McClymont for stepping up to take Craig's place. We lost two good officers this year, and while they are still with us, their leadership is both appreciated and will be missed.

Now, on to business. If you missed the last meeting, you missed seeing some amazing finds and it was certainly hard to pick find of the month. The election went smoothly and I think we owe Bill and Craig a token of our appreciation for a job well done over the years. They both had some big shoes that need filling. Jerry and Bill will get together to get the bank straight and we will be putting the new Treasurer's address in here so you can mail your dues or other items into him. Once we get that straight, I have asked him to pursue the club getting a debit card for the account to facilitate purchases. This is the 21st century and writing checks is becoming obsolete.

Any changes to how we do things will be minimal and will not come without the officers' meeting to agree on them before presenting them to the club. As I said at the meeting, I want to use your treasury wisely and make it work to the betterment of our treasure hunting experience. To that end, I have asked those officers available to visit our sister club up the Bay to see if they can get any ideas that we could use.

I also would like to see us have a guest speaker occasionally, not regularly, and not just some detector expert, but people who know about artifacts, colonial life, things like that to help us understand the places we hunt and maximize our finds. Also, I am looking at ways to speed up the finds of the month. To that end, I am stepping back from helping Ed, because I have trouble seeing the items and figuring them out sometimes, so I am hoping somebody younger or with better eyesight will step up to assist him.

Beyond that, the officers are still working on raffles, prizes and other things besides the usual coin sets and 50-50 drawings. Again, this is your club, and your suggestions are welcome. The officers don't have a lock on ideas, so we are always open to new proposals. One suggestion is labelling all finds of the month to speed up identification and perhaps voting by ballot instead of doing the show and tell.

Finally, a word about our new position. Bill wanted to remain involved as Huntmaster, and frankly, nobody has the skills and connections that he has to get us the sites we hunt at. I would like to see a compilation of our permissions and contact information so that we have a record for the future. One thing we did not vote on is whether the position of Huntmaster is an official officer position. I think it should be and we can tidy that up at the next meeting, dropping the 2nd Vice President position, so there would not be an increase in officers and we would maintain and uneven number of officers for voting purposes when the officers get together to talk about ideas.

In short, we hope to enhance the good things already going on. A lot of it depends on your input and cooperation. Treasure hunters are greedy by nature, but so many people in this club happily give of their time and treasure that I am certain we can continue to enjoy many more years as a vibrant and active club. Again, thanks for your support as I once again assume the role of Your President. If I don't see you at the meeting, maybe I'll see you in the field.

Andy Nunez,

Hunt Report

Approximately 20 Seekers gathered for our spur of the moment January hunt. The weather was gorgeous and field conditions were great. I arrived a little late and when I got there, cars were parked well and I was glad to see that there seemed to be no trash or terrible holes in sight.

There were some great finds made in the morning and I saw or heard about Indian heads, wheat pennies and even an occasional large American penny. We broke for lunch and headed to 4 Seasons Pizza in Snow Hill for some good chow and the chance to warm up. In less than an hour, we were warmed up and fed up and ready to hit the fields for the rest of the afternoon.

Finds continued to be good with more Indian heads and wheaties, some buttons and a beautiful Spanish one reale making their appearances. There were at least two additional coppers that turned up as well.

Our hunt day weather was nice, the field was great and the company was good. All had a great time.

Since the hunt, I've learned of another house on the site and perhaps we'll go back in the near future. But I don't want to double up on sites too soon and make a nuisance of ourselves to the owners and farmers.

That's it for this month and we'll do it again real soon. Keep your eyes open and your computers on for an e-mail from Julie. Don't forget the next meeting on February 12. It's possible to have a hunt before then but, as always, there are no guarantees.

* * *

Don't get confused on what you can put in for Finds of the Month. You can only enter anything you find in the month BETWEEN regular meetings. If you came to the January meeting but not again until March, you can only put in things you found between the February and March meetings. In other words, if you found something great between the January and February meetings, you can't claim it as a Find of the Month entry at the March meeting. The only time this changes is in January when you can enter anything you find between the November and January meetings because there is no regular business meeting in December. You do get double points, though.

* * *

We held our January meeting on the 22nd (postponed from earlier due to snow) and it was my final one as club president (my choice). I have served as either president or vice president for the last 29 years and have enjoyed it all and intend to be active as huntmaster.

All offices were open and the only interested nominees were Andy Nunez (president) and Jerry McClymont (treasurer). (Craig stepped down to spend time on dog training and other obligations.) Ed and Julie said they would stay in their positions. Congratulations to all officers. I wish them the best of luck and I know the club is in capable hands.

The meeting was good and the Finds of the Month competition was lengthy and with some good finds. Congratulations to Tab for a terrific Find of the Year.

* * *

Our next meeting is on February 12. I plan to be there and hope to see you all there or in the field.

Bill Draper,

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Monday, January 22 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

There were five coin raffles. Winners were Bob Shaffer, Susan Martin, Garrow King (who donated it back to the club), Dan Spielman, Ed Donovan and Skip Hubbs. (These raffles brought in $72.)

The magazine raffle winners were Cameron Maser, Tab Brannock, John Fassel and Wayne Martin. Thanks to whoever made the donations.

Amy Taylor, Manny Ortiz and John Rebman's nephew, Shawn Layton, were in attendance as guests.

Following an appropriate sponsorship, Amy Taylor became the newest Seeker.


Minutes were approved as distributed.


We held our election of officers. Both Bill and Craig are stepping down from their current positions. Andy expressed interest in the position of president, while Jerry expressed interest in the position of treasurer. Both Ed and Julie were willing to remain in their current offices. Following appropriate nominations and seconding, Andy and Jerry became the newest Shore Seeker officers. Bill is going to remain as huntmaster.

Bob Shaffer and several others thanked Bill for his years of service.

We voted for Find of the Year. Congratulations to winner Tab Brannock. (Entries for this competition are listed below.)

Andy mentioned that he would like to spend more of the treasury to the benefit of all the membership. One possibility is having a productive club hunt site deep-plowed. Garrow also suggested paying a bounty to encourage people to go out and find hunt sites for the club.


There is no site yet for the hunt. Please watch your e-mail for details.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Barbara Peters. She and the club split the $72 pot.

Julie Pryor,

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