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 May 2023The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 33, No. 5 

From Andy's Desk

Fellow Members,

Another month has come and gone and with it the end of field hunting season. No sites were made available, but we will continue to try to find sites suitable for a club hunt. Hopefully, some sites will appear, but only if people are willing to share them. Nobody calls me and says, "Hey, I have a great site for your club to hunt." You need to go out and find them. Bill and I did our share in the past, the next generation needs to step up. As Julie e-mailed earlier, we need to be out of the meeting by 8:30 promptly so the church can set the room up for a funeral on Friday. Please be on time so that the tables and displays can be set up promptly and taken down quickly. I talked to several people last weekend, all of whom had bought detectors but only one could name the brand - Nokta Simplex Plus. I invited him to the meeting, because he was serious enough to know what he had and wanted to know how to use it.Don't forget about the Eastern Shore Metal Detecting Society hunt next month. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this year, so I hope somebody wins that detector. Planning for our fall hunt is ongoing. Please give your surveys to Tony Goodyear so we know what you want and can plan for it. That's it for now. Show your support by coming to the meeting and participate. If I don't see you at the meeting, maybe I'll see you in the field.

Your President,
Andy Nunez

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Thursday, April 13th 7:00 p.m. at Christ UMC Hall.

Scott Taylor of Laurel was a guest.


Extra copies of The Seeker were available.

Minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer gave his report.


Paul and Darlene talked about their recent vacation in St. Croix. They visited their son but also detected quite a bit. They found lots of stuff, especially quarters.

Thanks to John and Cynthia for donating a box of detecting supplies (scoop, pinpointer, digger, etc.). Members decided to save the items for our upcoming members' only hunt.

Tony went over the responses from the hunt questionnaires he has received so far. Please make sure to submit one if you haven't done so.

Andy told about some of the prizes the other group is having for the hunt they're putting on in June. He also asked John to see if his distributors will donate items to a closed hunt like the one we plan to have. This is unlikely but he will see what he can come up with.

John showed off new lightweight titanium scoops he has for sale. See him for more information.


Thanks to Tony for arranging our recent outing in Dorchester County. It's still in the talking stages but many members feel that Tony should get the reward for providing a club hunt site.

Speaking of the recent club hunt, Marty mentioned that when he arrived at the event, he was surprised to see large pieces of metal on top of the ground where someone had dug them up but just left them there. What also bothered him about this was that he noticed this while a group of hunters were standing around the same area. He's not accusing anyone but if he saw the metal (which he picked up and disposed of), he wonders why others didn't say anything or at least remove it themselves. Marty also lamented the fact that the club lost out on the equivalent of several silver dollars because there was no formal plan in place for someone to collect hunt fees on the day.

Don Deraska was the 50/50 winner. The silver half dollar winner was John Fassel.

The attendance winner was Tony Goodyear. He received a 1986 US Liberty coin.

Julie Pryor,

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