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 March 2018The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 29, No. 3 
The Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club is a proud member of the FMDAC

From The President's Desk

February really went by fast! The weather, while milder, has been considerably wetter, which has shut down most large scale activities by the club. Why, you may ask? Well, to accommodate our large membership, we need a large site. Most of these sites mean we have to go down a dirt lane and park in a field, both of which have gotten a lot of rain lately. Getting stuck in a field would be bad enough, but if multiple vehicles roll down dirt lanes, they become rutted rather fast and the farmer has to re-grade them. That doesn't give us any goodwill and may get us kicked off not only that field but the fields of any farmers that hear about what happened. Again, Bill is doing his best, but his time is limited, so I implore you all to be looking for sites big enough for the club where we cannot destroy the roads that farmers depend on to access their fields. This is your club and if you want more places to hunt, well, go find some and tell Bill about it.

I am continually looking at ways to enhance members’ experiences. I am reluctant to offer a finder's fee for club sites, but Bill can no longer do all this alone and members cannot expect super sites every month unless they are willing to turn up some big sites on their own. The idea of a club means we all pitch in together. I've shared two or three large sites with Bill down below Pocomoke into Virginia and am researching another one thanks to some of the tips in Bill Dancy's book on Colonial Artifacts in Virginia. This is the club's copy and I am bringing to the meeting if anybody wants to see it. If you want your own copy, John Rebman still has a few, but they are not cheap and they are already out of print with no plans to reprint them. However, it's a beautiful book and well worth the premium price it is going for.

We will be doing some new raffles on a non-regular basis. I was pleased with the response of last month's raffles and will continue them. With the 50-50 now, if we get over $50 in ticket sales, we will be doing a second drawing for a silver half dollar. The new raffle is the guess how many is in the jar, with a different item every month. If you want to be the person filling the jar, please volunteer. Winner gets a silver half also. I have asked Jerry to work with local folks for some prizes that members would like to win, so stay tuned. If we do raffle a detector at some point, it will not be the same old same old Garrett product, but some top of the line detector from a brand we don't usually see. This will depend on how we do with the small raffles. The idea is for us to have fun and maybe get some neat stuff.

I have empowered all officers to think of new things and new challenges for us as a club. We want to make things so that you will want to come to the meetings, not just show up for the club hunts. They have come up with these great things that I am talking about. Your ideas are also welcome. Either email me, call me, or talk to me at the meeting or a hunt. It's your club, what can you do to make it a better experience for all. Finally thanks for voting Bill in as both Huntmaster with a vote and member for life. He has done more for the club than anybody else and deserves our thanks. So, until next time, if I don't see you at the meeting, maybe I'll see you in the field.

Andy Nunez,

Hunt Report

Note: This will be an abbreviated report. At the time of publication, Bill had an important matter to deal with and these are just the highlights he wanted included in his report. Thanks for your understanding.

* * *

About 20 Seekers were in attendance at a recent hunt in the Snow Hill area. Bill was able to secure permission for the club to detect a very large parcel of land and while there were some wet and muddy spots, everyone made do, just happy to get out in the fields. Finds for the day included modern coins, at least one war nickel, a few Indian head pennies, a handful of large cents and some British pennies and half pennies. Relic finds included buttons, buckles and several unusual apothecary weights.

Bill introduced some light-hearted competition into the day by telling everyone that the first person to find and show a silver reale to either him or Julie would receive a crisp $10 bill. Dan Spielman won this contest within an hour of arrival, narrowly beating out huntmaster Bill who trotted over to show Julie his cut half of a two reale just a few minutes too late to claim the prize. Congratulations to both!

* * *

Bill wants to thank everyone for voting to allow him to remain as huntmaster and for agreeing to make this an official cabinet position, complete with a vote. He is also very appreciative of the unanimous vote, sponsored by Bob Shaffer, to grant him lifetime membership in the club. Kudos to Bill for all he has done for us and for the club.

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Monday, February 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

There were several coin raffles. Winners were Bob Shaffer, Scott MacLane, Amy Taylor and Ron Carter. (These raffles brought in $75.)

The magazine raffle winners were Tony Fascelli, Mike Slovikosky, Ted Morlock, Jerry McClymont and Amy Taylor. Thanks to Garrow King for his donation.

Thanks to Elaine and Marty for providing refreshments.

Mitch’s granddaughter, Mikey (sorry if this is spelled wrong), Manny Ortiz, Ash Bonebrake and Shawn Layton were in attendance as guests.

Following appropriate sponsorships, Ash Bonebrake and Shawn Layton became the newest Seekers.


Minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer gave his report.

Andy made a motion for the position of huntmaster to become a cabinet post. This was seconded and approved. Bill will now have a vote as an official officer.

Acting upon his sentiments expressed last month, Bob Shaffer made a motion for Bill to receive lifetime membership for his past and ongoing efforts on behalf of the club. This passed unanimously and Bill was greeted with a standing ovation.


John Rebman returned from a 3-day arrowhead sifting trip to Texas. John told about the items he found and showed off a display case of some of them. These included arrowheads, points, point pieces, grinding stones, scrapers and petrified wood.

Thanks to Marty for informing us about the Baltimore Antique Bottle Club Bottle Show. It will be held on Sunday, March 11, 2018. There will also be a Civil War show in Fredericksburg, VA the week before. (Members have already been advised of the dates and locations via e-mail.)

Scott MacLane, President of the Eastern Shore Treasure Club, thanked Jerry and Julie for attending a recent meeting and extended an open invitation to everyone to go to one of their meetings.

Andy mentioned that he would like to have a standing committee to think about and plan activities but would prefer for people to volunteer on their own rather than him having to appoint members. Tony offered the use of the Parkside planetarium as an activity and he also suggested that Julie send out e-mail asking for volunteers for such a committee as the one Andy proposed.

Acting on a suggestion by Jerry McClymont, we instituted a new Finds of the Month display and voting protocol. It is hoped that this will help speed things up at the meetings.


There is no site yet for the hunt. Please watch your e-mail for details.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Manny Ortiz. He and the club split the $75 pot. Bob Shaffer won the secondary prize of a silver half dollar.

Ron Carter won the inaugural "Hazard a Guess" raffle and received a silver fifty-cent piece.

Julie Pryor,

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