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 June 2024The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 34, No. 5 

From Andy's Desk

Fellow Members,

The summer is off to a slow start due to unsettled weather patterns. Reports from the beach have been rather disappointing, but a few goodies have been uncovered. We are moving ahead with plans for our big hunt this fall and augmenting this is a huge donation of proof-level coins from Mike Shannahan. Mike inherited them from his grandmother and though their value is conservatively estimated to be in the hundreds, if not thousands, he didn't want them because he didn't find them. These items include pristine silver bullion coins from the mint, and all denominations of coins, all bagged and gleaming. John is sorting them out and hopefully we will have an inventory by the meeting.After a suggestion from Julie, we decided to share some of our bounty with our sister club up the road. The club voted unanimously to make Mike a member for life because this haul would pay his dues for decades. I cannot express my appreciation to Mike for this generous donation enough. Marty and John went up the road and secured plenty of plant-able coins for the hunt as well, so it will be a great event. I am hoping for a September date due to my busy schedule. We shall see.

The Holiday party needs to be thought of as well. As of right now, Al, who catered last year's feast, is available. Julie suggested that instead of him providing the dessert, we have him provide the tableware and we contribute the desserts ourselves. We can discuss that at the meeting.

Many rumors are swirling in the industry about the latest models from the major manufacturers. It looks like Garrett will finally jump into the multi-frequency category, but news has been very sparse. Minelab and Nokta seem to be in a race to the bottom to see who can provide the most features at the lowest price. So, no matter what your spending level is, sounds like there will be good value at every price point. Well, that's it for this month. As always, if I don't see you at the meeting (and you really should come and make your thoughts known) maybe I'll see you in the field.

Your President,
Andy Nunez

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Thursday, May 9, at 7:00 p.m. at Christ Church.


Extra copies of THE SEEKER were available.

Minutes were approved as distributed.

The Treasurer gave his report.

Thanks to Tony Goodyear for composing a survey on whether to have bounties for providing club hunt sites. Phil McCutcheon suggested an additional option for the survey: the $10 that is collected from those who don't attend meetings should go directly to the person who gave the site to the club. John Rebman believes that there ought to be some incentive to those who provide sites. Please fill out a survey if you haven't already done so.

There was more talk about the "Beast mode" of the Nokta Legend. The update has been delayed for several weeks.


John has the new Nokta Accupoint pinpointer available. Members talked about all the specials that the various detector manufacturers are having. Check with John and online for more information.

Thanks to Doug Wilkerson for his donation of detecting magazines. Thanks also to former member Mike Shannahan for his donation of various silver coins and other coin- and detector-related items. (He inherited a lot of it from his grandmother.) We will send Mike a thank you card. Andy would like to give Mike membership for life for his generosity and would also like to donate something from this collection to the ESTC. We will use some of these items as prizes for raffles, the club hunt, etc.

John also received donations from former member Dan Solow who is relocating to Florida. We need to decide what to do with the items: use them as prizes or auction them off? The donation includes books, coin flips, headphones and the like. The consensus among members is that maybe we could have an auction sometime.

Scott MacLane thanked Andy for thinking of the ESTC. His club, which also has more than a few members in common with the Shore Seekers, is grateful for any gifts they might receive from us.

Andy mentioned that the hall is available for a Christmas party again. We'll need suggestions on the menu, etc., but there is still plenty of time to think about ideas.

Penny to a Dollar winners: Brooke Bishop, Cindy Mancuso, Phil McCutcheon, Nancy Jelich, Tab Brannock, Dan Foltz, John Peregoy and Julie Pryor.

Thanks to Conner, Brooke and Dan S. for the snacks. Thanks also to Phil M. and Andy for their generous donations toward next month's refreshments.

Our raffle winners were Brooke Bishop (50/50), Henry Lilly (silver half dollar) and Ed Donovan (attendance).

Julie Pryor,

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