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 July 2018The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 29, No. 7 
The Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club is a proud member of the FMDAC

From The President's Desk

Well, the sun shines bright on our old Maryland homes, too hot for some, too buggy for others. I ran into Bill last Sunday at the Laurel flea market and by the time we had made the rounds, we were both hot and had to quit. Thank God for dollar fountain drinks at Royal Farms (ends by the time you read this, sadly). We saw no detectors for sale, but I did see several tool pouches in front of the Gold Guy’s door that were sturdy leather.

This month, I want to talk about events. Last meeting we decided to have a picnic, but have no idea where. If anybody can secure a nice shady spot with tables and a grill, please let us know at the meeting. We want to have it in August in lieu of our club hunt. Mike Slovikosky graciously stepped up to provide the meats, the club will provide rolls, what can you bring?

Now, I was of the impression that the club would prefer a detector raffle to another big hunt, but the majority of those present want to have a big hunt this fall. To avoid the same people doing all the work, we need your input. Where can we have it? Assateague is great for parking and beautiful to hunt at, but we are at the mercy of high tides. Ocean City wants to charge money, so where can we go? Also, how much should we spend? Should we buy a top end detector? (Garrett will not sell us an AT-Max for anything less than retail). Other companies are possible, but because our hunt is not "open" to non-members they tend to dismiss us. If we have to put out a lot of money for a detector (and I know you are tired of AT-Pros, except me), that limits how much we can throw into the hunt fields. A lot of money goes into prizes for the in-between "fun" hunts. We will probably have to eliminate these.

Why? Well, the club bought a lot of prizes for raffles and it hasn't all been recouped yet, which limits our budget. We will, however, be turning some of those prizes into the big hunt. Still, we are about $400 below what we spent last time. We could raise the hunt fee to $50, I guess. What do you folks think? If we spend too much from the treasury, we might not be able to do a holiday party.

Which brings us to another point. Do we want to have a holiday party? If not, well, that's more money to throw into a hunt. We would like to have suggestions next meeting about that. If the membership wants to have a holiday party, we need locations, price per head and menu. Buffet or plated dinner? So many decisions, so little time.

To wind this up, I need the membership to come to the July meeting prepared to make decisions on the picnic, the hunt and the Holiday party. I need people to step up that have not stepped up before. This is your club. Your voice counts, and your participation is necessary. We can spend several meetings going back and forth over the issues. We need to make decisions this meeting or it will be too late for the picnic and too late for a big hunt.

So, meanwhile, use lots of bug spray and suntan lotion, drink lots of water and if I don't see you in the field, maybe I'll see you while I drool at DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum. Stay cool!

Andy Nunez,

Hunt Report

Since there hasn't been a club hunt at the time of printing, there is no hunt report. Bill's column will return when the hunts do.

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Monday, June 11 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

There were several coin raffles. Winners were Amy Taylor, Scott MacLane and John Rebman. (These raffles brought in $64.)

Magazine raffle winners were Andy Nunez, Jerry McClymont and Bill Mills. Thanks to Jeff and Elaine for their donations.


Extra copies of THE SEEKER were available.


Minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer gave his report.


Bill mentioned that Sonny is in the hospital. He also mentioned that Doug Wilkerson is in poor health and has failing eyesight. Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to both of them.

The White's Surfmaster 2 PI machine that someone brought in for sale has been bought by Mike Slovikosky.

Special thanks go to Doug Goodyear and Bob Jones for searching for a lost earring. Sadly, they didn't find it.

Andy asked that members please don't use beach coins to pay for raffle tickets.

Andy also mentioned the DiscoverSea Museum. Curator Dale has found new items, including buttons, coppers, lead bale seals, a platinum real cob and all kinds of colonial relics from a 1000 acre site along a freshwater creek.

There is interest in a possible pay hunt for October. Several people volunteered but we have no idea about hunt place or other particulars yet. Please keep thinking about it.

Bill said that officials at the Assateague Federal and State parks have our names and they will call us for assistance with lost items. Bill also reminded everyone about the old Eddie Mayo article where Bill found his World Series ring.

Tony asked if anyone is interested in beach hunting as a group and eating as a group and then showing off finds at dinner. He will make arrangements and get in touch. Others also suggested a summer picnic, possibly in lieu of the August hunt. Mike Slovikosky will donate food for this. Thanks Mike!

Tony also mentioned something about a school for sale in Virginia and thinks it might be a place to think about for a club hunt. Others also mentioned hunting at old schools.


There is no site yet for the June hunt. Please watch your e-mail for details.

The attendance prize winner was Jerry McClymont.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Garrow King. He and the club split the $69 pot. Elaine Anderson won the secondary prize of a silver half dollar.

Barbara Peters won the "Hazard a Guess" raffle and received a silver fifty-cent piece. Thanks to Ron Carter for bringing in this month's item, a large jar of assorted nuts, bolts, screws and other mechanical doodads.

Julie Pryor,

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