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 June 2019The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 30, No. 6 

From The President's Desk

Summer is here whether the calendar says so or not. The fields are green with corn, mostly, and sites are going to be rare, so it is even more important that members help Bill out finding large enough sites to hunt. The last hunt had a huge turnout and only a site that large could accommodate them, so bear that in mind when looking at places for the club to go.

In other news, based on the success of our exhibit at Allen's History Festival, we will be attending the Poplar Hill History Festival on June 15. Jerry and Julie will be manning a table and my table will be adjacent. We would like to invite members to provide small artifact displays since we don't have as much display room this time around. (Editor's Note: Because our space will be limited, we are concentrating on Federal Period-era coins and artifacts as this is the date of Poplar Hill. If you have something from roughly 1790-1815 you would like to loan for display, we would be very grateful.) As before, we will not be soliciting sites, but if visitors volunteer them, that is another story. Recall, this is a public service exhibit in order to raise awareness of the good things about our hobby. Your attitude and adherence to the Treasure Hunter's Oath go a long way to making sure that we have a good public image.

Our old sites are getting hunted out. Our modern machines are gleaning more and more targets than ever before, so we are in desperate need of more sites to hunt and word of mouth about how we act and what we do is critical to us getting these new permissions and Bill will be hard pressed to find sites if people shut the door in his face because they heard we were a bunch of pirates.

I am also considering suspending club hunts in the months of July and August to alleviate some of these issues and also due to health concerns for older members. Let me know your thoughts. Otherwise, there is not much else going on. So, beat the heat, hit the beach and if I donít see you there, maybe I'll see you at the meeting.

Andy Nunez,

Hunt Report

We held our last hunt on a fine May day perfect for detecting - a little warm and breezy. I had done lots of travelling looking for places and was having a hard time. Most fields were planted in corn but I did manage to find an old hunt spot that had been disced in advance of planting. In fact, the farmer was already planting the adjoining fields but I thought it worth a shot to ask about the one that wasn't planted. I'm glad to say that I got permission. I felt there were still hidden treasures to be found here and I was right.

I asked the pastor of the church where we hold our meetings if it was okay for us to meet there that Saturday because it was closer to the site than our regular Fruitland place. That was fine with him. A crowd of us, both in terms of cars and people, left the church hall parking lot promptly at 8:30 and arrived at the hunt site less than 15 minutes later.

The site, a previous club site, was almost equidistant between Salisbury, Fruitland and Snow Hill. As we had almost 30 people in attendance, and almost as many cars, we needed a large site with adequate parking and this place fit the bill. The owner of this site also owned property across the road where a turn-of-the-century store once stood. We were able to hunt here as well. I gave everyone the lowdown on boundaries and turned them loose in the fields.

There may have been a few finds made around the store site but I'm not entirely sure. What I am sure of is that there were many nice things found in the larger, main field. I saw some nice large American pennies, some Indian heads, interesting buttons and lots of cute toys. (I was told that a family with 13 children had lived in a house where our cars were parked.)

By now, most people were ready for lunch. Those who wanted were able to stay and eat at the hunt site, while others had their choice of restaurants in either of several nearby towns. Most opted to remain and get more hunting in. This was fine with me as this was a very good site and ones like this will be getting scarce now.

We hunted until around 3:30 or 4:00, when everyone was ready to head home and cool off. It was a fun day for all and most everyone did a fairly good job of filling holes. I'm looking forward to a repeat performance soon.

* * *

As I mentioned earlier, I've been doing lots of riding looking for future places and three-quarters of what I've seen is planted in corn, a detectorist's worst enemy. Very few fields are in cover crops or soybeans. Club hunts will be scarcer due to lack of spots. If you have any whim of an idea where approximately 30 people can go but don't have the time or inclination to check it out, please give me or any of the other officers a call amd we'll take care of it. In the past, we've been able to rely on searching lawns but this was when we had no more than a dozen people hunting. Most homeowners would frown on 30 showing up and this is completely understandable. To reiterate, if you know of a suitable spot, give me a buzz. My number is 410-603-4344. If I don't answer, please leave a message and I'll return your call.

* * *

Since we're picking up more new members every month, it's important for me to mention that there are a few rules you should know about our club hunts. Firstly, it's mandatory for all hunters to use headphones in the field. This is just being considerate of our fellow hunters. If you're afraid of missing something while wearing the phones, you can always leave one ear partially uncovered so you can still hear whatever else is going on around you. Secondly, no one is allowed to return to club hunt sites unless you are the one who originally lined up the permission or you're a guest of that person.

* * *

That's all for this month. Come see what had been found at the next meeting on the 13th. I'll see you there and in the field.

Bill Draper,

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Thursday, May 9th 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

Raffle winners were Cynthia Fassel (coin display box) and Marcus Lemasters (several shovel bags). Thanks to Cindy Mancuso for donating the shovel bags. (These raffles brought in $93.)

Marshall Witt became the newest Seeker following appropriate sponsorship.


Extra copies of THE SEEKER were available.


Minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer gave his report.

Andy gave a recap of the recent Allen Historical Society Festival and thanked Jerry for the nice club-branded signs and tablecloths he produced for the event. Jerry mentioned that he thought things went pretty well and lots of people were interested. Our appearance at such gatherings is a good way to secure possible sites and helps to convey a good club presence. We donated a set of Civil War bullets to a group of Buffalo Soldiers exhibiting there. We want people who are volunteering to know that we're doing it for the club, not as individuals. Along the same lines Scott MacLane thanked the volunteers for helping out at the Allen Festival and mentioned that ESTC volunteers were helping at the Camp Pecometh festival on the same day. They had about 75 kids using detectors over a period from 11 to 3, with sometimes 13 to 15 detectors out in the field at one time. Tony Goodyear will donate found toys or jewelry to ESTC for future children's events.


Andy remembered Billy Messick, one of first members of club. He passed away at the age of 92. Some also mentioned the deaths of several others many members know.

Jeff Kniffen donated a Radio Shack detector. Scott MacLane took it for use at ESTC children's hunts. Thanks, Jeff, and Happy Birthday.

There was talk of the Poplar Hill Mansion Festival in June. We would like for members to lend or exhibit items from just the Federal Period (roughly 1790-1815). The important thing is to show the community we're honest, reliable folks, not greedy vandals. Andy noted that there are many other similar opportunities available.

Doug mentioned that the club used to search Halloween candy but liability issues ended it. He also mentioned helping Dr. Susan Langley and said that such efforts are not forgotten. Several talked about finding valuable items for people and that it's a very good experience - even better if it can be tied into the club.

Several members suggested that all Finds of the Month entries should be on the table by 7:10 and voted on by 7:15. This will be the procedure going forward.

Club stickers are available for $2 each.


There is no site yet for the May hunt. Please watch your e-mail for details.

The attendance prize winner was Amy Taylor.

The Hazard a Guess winners were Tony Goodyear and Ron Carter. Both won a silver dime.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Dan Spielman. The silver half dollar winner was Susie Sullivan.

Julie Pryor,

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