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 April 2019The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 30, No. 4 

From The President's Desk

Spring is here at last and that has good and bad connotations. Good news weather is warmer. Bad news bugs are coming out and farmers are planting as fast as they can before any more rain makes it impossible. Fields are being limed, manured and seeded at an alarming rate, so the choices for hunt sites will be ratcheting down. All the more reason to help Bill out by giving him some sites. I've offered two in recent years down in Virginia, even though we haven't gotten permission yet, and Jerry just offered a dandy site (see club hunt report). Help Bill and the club. The more people that do that, the more sites we can all enjoy.

Just a reminder that the By-laws were agreed upon and are now official. There is a link to them on the club website, or there will be very soon. Important things to remember are that you must be present at the meeting to be eligible to go on the following club hunt. Only Bill and myself can grant exceptions to that. Also, if you did not attend the meeting, you will not get an email about the following club hunt. Again, this is to allow the club to be enriched by the full participation of members as much as possible.

We had a great couple of club hunts recently at both old and new sites and the finds were really great. Meanwhile, we are working toward our next Big Hunt. The prizes will be based on feedback, but one thing is for sure. You asked for more silver, and we'll put more silver in the ground and less in gift certificates.

Also we will continue to have more contests and another gold coin raffle will be coming soon. Keep an eye on your e-mails for updates on that. We are working on a special contest just for sharp newsletter readers as well. Julie will put an announcement in when that's ready to go. We want to welcome new member Jeff Kniffen to the group.

On the matter of late dues. In order to keep members from having to go through the new member sub-routine, we are extending the grace period for renewals until the June meeting. If you have not paid up, you have until then to renew and after that you are considered a prospective member again and have to go through the process.

Keeping it short this time because Bill has a lot to talk about in his report and I want to save space for some of the other fun stuff we have coming up. Thanks for all the positive feedback and we hope that it shows in how we do things going forward. So, if I don't see you at the meeting, maybe I'll see you in the field (though I'll be out two weekends in April, so maybe not).

Andy Nunez,

Hunt Report

After a prolonged period with no hunts, there are two hunts to report on this month. Let's get to it!

Jerry had told me about a spot near Millsboro where he and a few friends had been. He was willing to share it with the club so I went with him to meet the owner and check it out. This had been delayed several times because of the weather and other things but we finally made it over there. The site, though smaller than usual, looked promising. Jerry told me that an old house had been there - and this is what people had hunted - but there was a field around this which hadn't been searched very much. It sounded like something that would be great for the club.

After a few weeks when the weather stymied us, we finally met up with Jerry in Pittsville and he led the way to the site across the state line. He wasn't able to stay because he wasn't feeling well but he did point out the boundaries before he went home. About 20 Seekers hit the field in search of treasures from the past.

Digging was easy here and it wasn't long before I saw or heard of some nice finds. A variety of buttons came to the surface, followed by some wheat pennies and modern change around the old house site, along with several early date U.S. half cents and a 1690's William and Mary coin. I'm sure there were other things here but this is what I know about. Huge thanks to Jerry for sharing the site with us!

* * *

Our regular hunt day dawned with anticipation. We were due to visit two adjoining properties that were old favorites of ours. I had a bit of trouble getting up with the owners but finally did. The only restriction was that we please leave no holes in the field.

The weather was excellent, if a bit windy, and almost 25 of us met at Millie's in Vienna before heading to the site along the Nanticoke River. I had schooled everyone on where to go and how to park and I'm pleased to say that people actually listened. (Parking uniformly gives a good impression to the owners and general public.) I pointed out the boundaries to those who hadn't been here before and asked everyone to meet back at their cars around 11:30 so we could go to lunch. Until then, we had free range of two huge fields.

The morning hunt was good with finds including some large pennies and halfpennies, lots of buttons, some possible pieces of buckles and lots of other artifacts. Many of us had lunch at Millie's, but I had given permission for members to eat on-site if that was their preference. After a lengthy wait for our delicious food (due to lack of wait staff), we finally made our way back to the site.

It didn't take long for us to spread out again. I saw more finds similar to those from the morning, including British pennies, Indian heads, lots of stuff that wasn't identifiable and one very pretty half reale.

Members did a pretty good job of filling holes, though some of you are still in such a hurry to get to the next target before someone else does that you only kick dirt in the direction of the hole. Please take time to step on the hole and make it flat and firm. This is important and the reason that Julie and I harp on it so much is that owners don't want to see holes, even in an old farm field.

* * *

Wasn't it great seeing Doug Wilkerson and Warren Timmons at the Vienna hunt? It's been a while since both have been in the field but they were having lots of fun searching and I bet we'll see them more often.

* * *

Spots are getting tight now. Farmers have their planters out and large heaps of manure are ready to be spread. It's possible that we might not have a hunt on the Saturday following a meeting if I can't find a place.

Thanks to Jerry for sharing that spot up in Delaware. Finds were great and everyone had a good time. I'm hoping that others will take notice and share their spots as well. As a rule, the person who shares a site with the club can return anytime and take whoever he or she wants. If you're not asked to go, you need to stay away. (In other words, don't return to club hunt sites unless you are the person who obtained original permission.)

* * *

That's it for this month. I'm looking forward to the meeting on the 11th or in the field - whichever comes first.

Bill Draper,

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Thursday, March 14th 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

Doug Goodyear won the 2 1/2 peso grand prize in the Pot of Gold raffle. Runners-up were Cindy Mancuso (silver half dollar), Bill Mills (silver quarter) and Marcus Lemasters (silver dime). Thanks to Elaine for supplying candy for the raffle. We did not make enough to have another gold coin raffle in April.

Jeff Kniffen, Marshall Witt, Dave Smyth, Tim, Laura and TJ Lindsay and Richard Davey and son were in attendance as guests. After the appropriate sponsorship, Jeff became the newest Seeker.

Magazine raffle winners were John Rebman, Laura Lindsay and Jeff Kniffen. Thanks to Dave Smyth for his donation.

Thanks to all who supplied refreshments.


Extra copies of THE SEEKER were available.


Minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer gave his report.

There were a few final discussions about the revamped by-laws. Members will have a six-month grace period to pay their dues before being removed from the membership rolls. (As a reminder, all memberships run from January 1 to December 31, no matter when during the year a person joins.) The laws were approved and are now in effect.

Our anonymous suggestion box is now available.

Sonny, Andy and many others expressed their displeasure over the fact that many detecting magazines are now being published in digital format only.


Andy asked Doug Goodyear to talk about his trip west for a Civil War hunt with Scott Lupro. Doug won this as a prize during last year's big hunt. Phil accompanied him to the site, which had been hunted before. Both found 3-ring bullets. Doug also found a J-hook and Phil found a possible scabbard tip. Both reported that the ground was highly mineralized and rocky.

Sonny told about a new show on the Destination channel called "Diggers." Others mentioned other shows about treasures, etc.

Tony would like to get some display cases like those Phil posted on the internet. The thought is that maybe we can get a volume discount for members. Jerry will look into it.

Jerry has given the club a few of his permissions and the club has helped to narrow down hot spots. He would like to encourage others to donate sites. This would help the club and the original permission holder.

Jim Tamosaitis would like to buy half dimes to fill up an album his son got him. (Jim collects half dimes.)

Cynthia remarked that it was good to see Warren Timmons in attendance.


There is no site yet for the March hunt. Please watch your e-mail for details. (Please be aware that pursuant to our newly approved by-laws, if you aren't at the meeting, you may not get notice about the club hunt.)

The attendance prize winner was Amy Taylor.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Warren Timmons. Cynthia Fassel was the silver half dollar winner.

Julie Pryor,

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