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 November 2019The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 30, No. 11 

From The President's Desk

Summer is fast losing its grip as Fall kicks into high gear. Seekers are starting to venture out into parks and harvested fields, finding all sorts of things, from Barber halves to Buffalo nickels. Soybeans are coming down as I write this, so I anticipate November to be a great month for hunting. I am getting my gear ready to see if I can top last year's amazing finds.

It hardly seems to have been that long ago that I had a string of silver firsts, my first funeral cufflink, my first cut reale, first capped bust half dime and first 2 reale. The tiny 3-cent piece still eludes me, but I feel confident that I will find one eventually. More research and new sites helped tremendously. These were all accomplished through personal contacts with land owners, pastors, and others who held permission for these places.

Looking back, all members had great years with some truly unique finds. We just came off another successful Big Hunt, giving away $1500 in prizes. The best part was the great food and fellowship. It shows that members have common interests and enjoy swapping tales with one another. I am hoping this spirit continues into the next year.

Somebody once said that the only constant was change, and our club is no exception. The new year will bring changes - some expected, some unexpected. That spirit of fellowship we exhibited at the Big Hunt must continue, though. We are stronger together and weaker divided. Let us move forward into the next year with that same feeling and it will be another year to remember.

We will be voting on Seeker of the Year in January, so please send Julie your nominations. Our Holiday Party is right around the corner. You need pay no money up front, but you do need to make your selections by the next meeting. Abbott's menu is online and we should be able to produce one to view at the next meeting.

Some people have said that we have not had many club hunts this year. Most of this is due to Bill's son's continuing health issues. Bill's first duty is to his family. Instead of decrying the lack of club hunts, spend the time trying to find some sites for the club to go on. Bill cannot keep doing this forever. Others must come forward. The next generation must continue the traditions we founded so many years ago. Even I expect to step down at some point if not voted out. New blood is what will keep our club alive. Again, we must move forward united. We have had deep divisions in the past. They were cause by wrong-thinking people who chafed under what they perceived to be rules that confined them, but in reality, they wanted to pursue the sport in unsportsmanlike fashion and they are no longer with us. May it be so for all who would divide us.

In closing, the support you members have given me imbues me with a hope that the future will remain bright for our club. As the last of the founding members leave the field, I am confident that a new crop of Seekers will carry us forward. With new machines coming out, there has never been a better time to be a Seeker. Finally, a salute to all our veterans for Veterans Day. Now, if I don't see you at the meeting, maybe I'll see you in the field.

Andy Nunez,

Hunt Report

This is just a brief recap of the big members' only hunt of October 12. We had around 30 hunters and everyone won something. Tim Lindsay was our 50/50 winner, claiming $75. Field conditions were good and the food and camaraderie even better. Please let us know your thoughts about how we can improve future events. Remember that the club is about all of the members and everyone's opinion counts!

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Thursday, Octoboer 10th 7:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hermon UMC Community Hall.

Raffle winners were Susie Sullivan and Bob Shaffer.

California Seeker members Jon Rowles and Art Martinez were in town for the big hunt.

Thanks to Bill Mills for bringing refreshments to share.


Extra copies of THE SEEKER were available.


Minutes were approved as distributed.

The treasurer gave his report.

We talked about Saturday's big hunt: what to expect, what to do, etc. There will be nice prizes and at least one raffle.

There was some talk of the Christmas party.


Terry Kleger lost a ring and contacted the club for help. Mike Slovikosky went and found the ring. Mr. Kleger rewarded Mike with a restaurant gift card, which he donated to the club for raffling. Congratulations, Mike, and thanks for your generosity.

John Rebman, Phil and a few others went to the recent Pound the Ground event. All agreed that it was more of a social event than a hunting thing.

John also attended Detectival in the UK. He said it was more organized than Pound the Ground, with lots of special events, raffles and hunting. After Detectival weekend, John then went on a detecting tour led by Pete and Sarah Welch. Shore Seekers Mike Beaman, Cameron Maser and former member Keith Kalmbach helped make up a group of 10. They all found lots of nice coins and relics.

Mike Slovikosky and Les Sherrill are repeat members of the Shore Finders list. Like Mike, Les also found and returned a lost ring. Congratulations to both.

Bill Mills told the story of a gold ring he found. Based on the ring's inscription and research he did, he thinks he's found a possible original owner: an African-American abolitionist and inventor of the retractable fire escape. The true owner remains unknown but probably pertains to this inventor. Bill can't connect it to anyone yet but would like to track down its history.


There is no site yet for the October hunt. It may be replaced by the big pay hunt. Please watch your e-mail for details.

The attendance prize winner was Tony Goodyear.

The 50/50 raffle winner was Bob Shaffer. He and the club each received $35 dollars.

Julie Pryor,

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