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 April 2024The Newsletter of the Shore Seekers Artifact & Recovery Club Vol. 34, No. 3 

From Andy's Desk

Fellow Members,

Another month has come and gone, with up and down temperatures and more rain than sun.†Before you know it, summer will be here, but there is a little time left before the bugs get bad to hit the newly plowed fields before they are planted.†I heard that the hunt up there in Secretary was well-attended even†if the goal was not met.†Thanks to you all for participating.

Otherwise it's time to start looking ahead.†Are we going to have a Big Hunt this fall?†If so, we need to decide and start planning it.†Last year's hunt was a huge success and it would be nice if we could make lightning strike twice by having another great hunt.†After that it will be the holiday party, but I think you all have made up your minds after last year's feast on what you want to do there.

Still, these things don't create themselves.†They take time and effort by the members to make them a success.†We need ideas for great prizes for the hunt and if you have any items you want to donate, or silver you want to sell, let us know that, too.†Most importantly, we need more club sites.†So far, instead of one a month, we are doing about one a year.†Several of you voiced your opinion that you don't agree with the idea of a hunt site finder's fee so Tony thought that an anonymous survey would be the best way to get everyone's views on the topic. I hope he'll have them ready at the meeting so we can move forward and find more sites. Do your part for the club!

I don't have any industry news other than Garrett is having a promotion right now if anybody is interested.†Otherwise, that's it for this month.†I have put in a request for a speaker and if it's this month, we'll let you know.†Now, if I don't see you at the meeting, maybe I will see you in the field.

Your President,
Andy Nunez

Club Minutes

The last meeting of the SHORE SEEKERS Artifact and Recovery Club was held on Thursday, March 14, at 7:00 p.m. at Christ Church.

Guests were Mike Walker and Dan F. of Fairmount, Adam M. of Cambridge, Dan Conroy of Selbyville and Tony Brown. Tony became the newest Seeker.


Extra copies of THE SEEKER were available.

Minutes were approved as distributed.


Becky Miles requests the club's help in finding a lost platinum and diamond ring. She has other hunters lined up to help in the search but feels that more people would mean more chance of success. Julie will send out more particulars. Thanks in advance to anyone offering to help.

Concerning the ring search, Scott mentioned that while most people know their machine, they need to know where platinum will hit so they will have more chance of finding the ring. This is important as we would be there to find the ring, not to get future hunt sites or to make finds. Andy and others feel that we should be doing this and other things like this for the good of the community.

Marty brought in a brochure about the upcoming open hunt the Eastern Shore Metal Detecting Society is hosting on June 8 in Pittsville.

Thanks to Joe Thole for bringing in a sheet about dating pipe stems. Some people use drill bits to date them. Some pipes have makers' marks on the bowl and/or stems.

Tony Goodyear reminded members about shows at the Parkside Planetarium on April 3, 4 and 5. The theme will be about the upcoming eclipse.

Cindy is interested in the field trips and/or speakers Andy mentioned a month or so ago. She suggested a group trip to Smith Island as a possibility. The DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum in Fenwick Island and the museum at the Dover AFB were also suggested for something to consider in the slower summer months. Andy will talk to Dale Clifton to ask if he could talk to the club before a visit to his museum in Fenwick.

Tony Brown said that his home is listed as a prehistoric site. Rare pottery was found when his cellar was being dug. Lots of arrow heads and ax heads have also been found on the property.

Members thanked Phil Kemmerlin for providing the recent club hunt site. Some asked if there should be a "reward" for members submitting a site. Several mentioned that they didn't think there should be. Tony G. will make up a questionnaire so people can vote anonymously to let their opinions be known.

Henry asked if the club has a letter to hand out to land owners when asking for permission and if not, wonders if this would be something that Tony G. could come up with. Andy mentioned a folder containing research about a site that a book author and detectorist uses when approaching owners of new properties about permission. This makes the "asker" look more professional. Please think of other ways to approach this issue - there's no need to decide anything tonight.

Marty said that we need to make a contingency plan if the treasurer isnít available to attend the meeting. We might need to select a special person to collect money or just make sure that the treasurer asks someone to collect the money on his or her behalf.

Penny to a Dollar winners: Dan Spielman (3), Nancy Jelich (3), Julie Pryor, John Fassel, Mike Walker, Don Deraska (2), Dan Conroy, John Peregoy, Marty Pratt, Ed Donovan, Dan F., Chris Gudikunst

Thanks to Marty, Cindy and Scott for the snacks. Thanks also to Joe Thole for his generous donation toward bagged snacks.

Our raffle winners were Chris Gudikunst (50/50), Craig Gudikunst (silver half dollar) and Dan F.(attendance).

Julie Pryor,

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