Rookie Corner

by Andy Nunez

Safety in numbers versus the Green Eyed Monster

I've been using the summer to write and reflect on things. The weather will be slowly changing, so it's time to start thinking about getting back into the "swing" of things, so to speak. As I consider that, I look back and try to remember the past and some of the camaraderie of years gone by. I also thought back on some of the hunts I went on alone.

I nose around on and read stories about some of my favorite detector brands. Not too long ago there was a thread in the Garrett forum about being assaulted while treasure hunting. The detectorist, John, from Edmonton, Canada, was hunting a local park and suddenly was hit from behind for no good reason. The assailant ran off, but it got me thinking about hunting alone.

Sometimes we have to hunt alone. Working on a new permission sometimes means you have to be the first person on the site and you have to behave yourself while digging on it. If you are successful and the owner is open to it, you might be able to squeeze somebody else in. You probably should.

Sometimes it's not necessary. I got entrée into a site by bringing along people to help look for a boundary marker. We didn't find it, but the owner let us hunt the three acres that he owned which dated back to the 1800s. I did go back there one time by myself. It was an hour's drive and the weather was turning nasty. Regardless, I got a silver Washington quarter, but the drizzle soon turned to snow and I questioned whether or not I should have ventured out by myself at my age, alone.

A couple of times in the 80s, I did hunt some playgrounds alone. One of them was an urban environment and while I didn't feel threatened, I did have a lot of neighborhood kids following me around waiting for a coin to turn up. After awhile, I just left. Another time, I went to a large park, but not in the best part of town. It was an awful risk, but in those days I had a long bayonet that I kept in full view as I hunted. The finds werenít worth the risk, so I departed.

So, why hunt alone? Greed is a good reason. If you get continually tired of taking a buddy to your permission and they find all the good stuff and you don't, it can lead you to consider going solo. Bad idea. We all get spells of that little green monster when you are digging pull tabs and the other guy gets a gold ring, but you know the old saying, sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. My wife is pretty adamant, though, that she doesnít want me hunting alone. Luckily I can usually find a partner, or a partner will find me. That's the beauty of being in a club. So, as a friend of mine once said, the luck usually evens out. That's it for this time. If I don't see you at the meeting, thereís an improving chance Iíll see you in the field as the heat and bugs abate.

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