Other Metal Detecting Links

Detector Manufacturers
Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors
Fisher Research Laboratory
Garrett Electronics
Minelab Electronics
Tesoro Electronics
Whites Electronics
XP Metal Detectors

Lost Treasure Magazine
Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine

Detecting Clubs
Maryland Free-State Treasure Club

Misc. Sites
FMDAC Web Site
Treasure Net
Jimmy Sierra
The Coins Of Early And Colonial America
Identification of Some U.S. Tokens
Tom's Treasures
Vlad & Carol's Metal Detecting Site
Maryland Tidal Predictions
American Civil War Bullet Database
The Weekend Wanderers Metal Detecting Club
Treasures Of The Sea
GOLDSHEET Mining Directory
Large Cents
Metal Detecting Forum
Stout Standards - Dick Stout's Web Site
Treasurequest Shoppe
Hollands Brook Metal Detectors
USA Coin Book


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