May 2019 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
1750's George II British pennyJohn Rebman (XP Deus)
1770's George III British pennyPhil Kemmerlin
1797 draped bust large cent CHDoug Goodyear
1864 Indian head penny CHTony Goodyear
1931 wheat pennyEd Donovan

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1803 draped bust large cent CHTony Goodyear (AT Pro)
1799 flowing hair large cent CHJohn Rebman
No date George III British pennyElaine Anderson
1858 Flying Eagle pennyDoug Goodyear
1863 "fatty" Indian head penny CHWayne Martin
1900 Barber dimePhil Kemmerlin
1918 wheat pennyReynold Cortigine
1943 P nickel CHMike Corbin
1945 Mercury dimeMike Beaman
1958 wheat penny CHEd Donovan
1964 Washington quarterMike Slovikosky

ItemFound By
Bridle rosetteDoug Goodyear (AT Max)
Calloway golf ballMike Corbin
Skeleton key CHTony Goodyear
Oil lamp part CHMike Beaman
.22 long shell CHEd Donovan
Gold-plated buttonReynold Cortigine
Iron buckleHannes Kershaw
MusketballBarbara Peters
Old bucklePhil Kemmerlin
Large cape buttonJohn Rebman
Watch winder key CHMike Slovikosky

ItemFound By
Eagle anchor navy buttonDoug Goodyear (AT Max)
BroochMike Corbin
Copper wave ringTony Goodyear
EarringMike Beaman
Pin hanger CHEd Donovan
.925 silver fingerprint (funeral commemorative)Susie Sullivan
Diamond lion head pendantBarbara Peters
Victorian plated pendantPhil Kemmerlin
Cuff button CH Mike Slovikosky

ItemFound By
U.S. RosetteJeff Anderson (Minelab Equinox 800)
Chisel CHTony Goodyear
1800's coat button CHMike Beaman
Floral buttonMike Corbin
BuckleEd Donovan
Boy Scout medalDoug Goodyear
Gold-plated buckleHannes Kershaw
BookmarkSusie Sullivan
Navy buttonPhil Kemmerlin
Skeleton key CHJohn Rebman
Cuff buttonMike Slovikosky

ItemFound By
10K ring w/ small diamondJeff Anderson
.925 silver ring w/ onyxTony Goodyear
KeyMike Corbin
Sacred heart pendantMike Beaman
10K half heart pendantSusie Sullivan
10K braceletBarbara Peters
Charm braceletElaine Anderson
Gilt buttonJohn Rebman

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