November 2017 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
1769 Hibernia halfpennyMike Slovikosky (AT Gold)
1770's George III halfpennyPhil Kemmerlin
1787 Connecticut copperTony Fascelli
No date large copperMarty Shaffer
1839 large cent with holeLes Sherrill
1845 large centDan Spielman
1888 Indian head pennyDoug Goodyear
1889 Indian head pennyBill Draper
1893 Indian head pennyCraig East
1898 Indian head pennyMitch Mitchell
1912 wheat pennyTony Goodyear
1914 D wheat pennyEd Donovan
1919 wheat pennyKaren Goodyear
1927 wheat pennyAndy Nunez
1936 wheat pennyMike Corbin

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1828 half centPhil Kemmerlin (AT Pro)
1818 large centRon Carter
1820 large centMike Slovikosky
1876 shield nickelBill Draper
1888 Indian head penny Andy Nunez
1889 Indian head pennyDennis Dellies
1898 O Barber dimeDoug Goodyear
1900 Barber dimeCraig East
1917 wheat pennyMitch Mitchell
1921 wheat pennyMarty Pratt
1929 Standing Liberty quarterTony Goodyear
No date Standing Liberty quarterLes Sherrill
1957 D wheat pennyDan Spielman
1969 Canadian quarterKaren Goodyear
1993 pennyJerry McClymont

ItemFound By
1932 George Washington commemorative watch fobDoug Goodyear (AT Max)
Toy pistolJerry McClymont
Head piece of oil lampMike Corbin
Brass buckle w/ tangKaren Goodyear
WW I-era eagle buttonMitch Mitchell
Lead poker chip stamped w/ large centPhil Kemmerlin
PA railroad buttonJeff Anderson
Model T hubcap Andy Nunez
Piece of costume jewelry w/ butterflies Ed Donovan
Small buckleDan Spielman
Small buckleMarty Pratt
Button w/ writing on back Tony Goodyear
KeyholeMike Slovikosky
Metal bracket Barbara Peters
MusketballCraig East
RosetteRon Carter
Pocketwatch Bill Draper

ItemFound By
Indian amulet artifactMarty Pratt (Fisher F 75)
Tombac buttonMike Slovikosky
Casio watch (still running)Barbara Peters
Ornate hinge pieceCraig East
Silver dolphin ringTony Goodyear
Gold-tone armlet/bangleKaren Goodyear
PocketknifeJerry McClymont
PocketwatchJeff Anderson
Button w/ design around edgeLes Sherrill
Timex watch Ed Donovan
14K signet ring (late 1800's - early 1900's)Phil Kemmerlin
Small cuff button Doug Goodyear

ItemFound By
Piece of a printer's plateMike Corbin (AT Pro)
Small lead piece/pot footKaren Goodyear
Two tokens in same hole (HH Ellis of Delmar, DE)Jerry McClymont
Brass button-like objectDoug Goodyear
Bucket token "5"Mike Slovikosky
Pendant w/ Abraham Lincoln (swivel picture)Jeff Anderson
Dog tag w/ writingBarbara Peters
Part of arrow headRon Carter
Early 1940's Girl Scout pinBill Draper
Small D buckleMarty Pratt
Gold-plated love token or charmPhil Kemmerlin
GWG 10 bucket token from apple orchardDennis Dellies
stone/vitrified rock w/ blue flecks/slag from iron furnaceCraig East
Collapsed thimbleDan Spielman
Brass lamp part Andy Nunez
.32 caliber bullet Ed Donovan
Small cuff buttonMitch Mitchell
Weight (5 lbs) Tony Goodyear

ItemFound By
Phone w/ picture of an item found and returned (surfer lost wedding band)Susie Sullivan (Minelab CTX 3030)
Fishing tackleLes Sherrill
Tiny keyBob Shaffer
Bag w/ 3 lead weightsTony Goodyear
Car wash tokenKaren Goodyear
Silver w/ amethyst pieceBarbara Peters
George III halfpennyKeith Kalmbach

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