June 2017 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
1789 half reale w/ holeCraig East (Garrett AT Pro)
Carlos III or IV half reale (178?) CHRon Carter
No date George III penny CHBob Shaffer
1814 US large cent CHBill Draper
Mid-1800's Queen Victoria silver shilling w/ holeMarty Pratt
1863 Indian head penny CHDan Spielman
1881 Indian head pennyMike Slovikosky
1886 Indian head penny CHAndy Nunez
1888 Indian head pennyPhil Kemmerlin
1906 Indian head penny CHTony Goodyear
1917 wheat pennyKaren Goodyear
1930 wheat pennyBarbara Peters

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
Cut quarter of a 2 reale CHRon Carter (Teknetics T 2)
1773 half realePhil Kemmerlin
Unidentifiable copperMarty Pratt
Unidentified old foreign coinBob Jones
1902 Barber dimeCraig East
1907 Indian head penny CHAndy Nunez
1908 Indian head pennyDan Spielman
1909 Indian head pennyBill Draper
No date Standing Liberty quarter CHTony Goodyear
1938 Mercury dime CHMike Slovikosky
1941 wheat penny CHBob Shaffer
1944 quarterKaren Goodyear
2008 Euro nickelBarbara Peters

ItemFound By
Civil War tin bowlSusie Sullivan (Minelab CTX 3030)
Brass rein guide CHBob Shaffer
Revolutionary War-era tombac button CHAndy Nunez
Cremation certificate/tagBarbara Peters
Small bellCraig East
Bronze/brass peacock figure CHTony Goodyear
Small brass buckleKaren Goodyear
Lead bale seal w/ writing CHDan Spielman
Brass rivetMarty Pratt
NYC 1927 metal chauffeur's license badgeBill Draper
Metal button/knob w/ "S" CHRon Carter
Civil War infantry buttonPhil Kemmerlin
WW I Army coat button w/ eagleMike Slovikosky
Small old button CHJulie Pryor

ItemFound By
10k gold ring w/ design and missing stonesBob Shaffer (? Machine)
Brass earring w/ red stoneAndy Nunez
Monkey pin w/ lipstick impression on buttSusie Sullivan
Plated silver pendant w/ missing stoneRon Carter
Plated ring w/ fake stoneCraig East
.925 vermeil ankh w/ diamond chipsBarbara Peters
Nickel plated stud w/ fake stoneBill Draper
Plated cuff button (early/mid 1800's) CHTony Goodyear
Cuff button CHMike Slovikosky
Dangling silvery pendantPhil Kemmerlin
Marcasite ringKaren Goodyear

ItemFound By
Sterling Victorian-era (c. 1880-1900) money clip (Watson Co., Attleboro, MA) CHJulie Pryor (Minelab 705)
Scottie dogKaren Goodyear
Fan pin/pendant - "Regard"Phil Kemmerlin
Brass piece/saddle strap w/ scrollwork CHAndy Nunez
Musketball CHRon Carter
SlugBob Heimert
Heavy seashell from leadCraig East
Stainless ringBob Shaffer
Albert Overman Wheel Co. bike emblem (late 1800's) CHTony Goodyear
"Buried treasure" Matchbox taxicabBarbara Peters
Harmonica reedMarty Pratt
Berry picker's tokenMike Slovikosky
Piece of jewelry w/ designBill Draper

ItemFound By
1942 Walking Liberty half dollarSusie Sullivan (Minelab CTX 3030)
Toy bulldozerRob Sullivan
Toy monster truckBob Shaffer
Come-along strapTony Goodyear
PennyKaren Goodyear
2015 dimeBob Heimert
Star of David silver pendantBarbara Peters

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