May 2018 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
No date Charles I sixpence (likely mid 1630's)Doug Goodyear (AT Pro)
1895 quarterMarty Pratt
1918 D Mercury dimeBob Jones
1904 Indian head pennyCraig East
1776 one realeBill Mills
1910 wheat pennyEd Donovan
1870 Indian head pennyPhil Kemmerlin
1774 half realeRon Carter
1887 Indian head pennyMike Slovikosky
1887 V nickel???
1749 one reale spur rowelJohn Rebman

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1700's cut realeDan Spielman (XP Deus)
1783 half realeTony Goodyear
No date large centRon Carter
1873 Indian head pennyJohn Rebman
1898 Indian head pennyDoug Goodyear
No date Indian head pennyMike Slovikosky
1909 V nickelMitch Mitchell
1919 Mercury dimeMarty Pratt
1943 steel pennyMike Beaman
1944 Mercury dimePhil Kemmerlin
1950 wheat penny CHBob Heimert
Male/Female "Heads I Win-Tails You Lose" coinBob Jones
1964 nickelEd Donovan

ItemFound By
1700's bucklePhil Kemmerlin (AT Pro)
Silver-plated spoon???
Heart shieldMarty Pratt
SpikeBob Heimert
Pewter buttonCraig East
Small buckleMitch Mitchell
Military Academy buttonBill Draper
Zenith carburetor cap (1908-1916)Bob Jones
Frigidaire drawer pull CHBarbara Peters
25 cent Palace of Sweets tokenBill Mills
Civil War general service buttonDoug Goodyear
1800's eagle cuff buttonEd Donovan
Musket ballRon Carter
Possible 1941 Cadillac hood ornamentMike Slovikosky
Old lockTony Goodyear

ItemFound By
Egyptian-design buttonCraig East (XP Deus)
10K gold earringBarbara Peters
Sterling silver braceletBob Jones
Gold-plated ringPhil Kemmerlin
Plated hair clipDoug Goodyear
Two heart braceletEd Donovan
ButtonRon Carter
Old silver wedding bandTony Goodyear
.925 silver earring w/ six diamondsMike Slovikosky
N.Y. officer's coat button???

ItemFound By
Early 1800's bellTony Goodyear (AT Pro)
Horse tackMike Beaman
LockMarty Pratt
BuckleMitch Mitchell
Two doorknobsEd Donovan
DogCraig East
Bulgarian politician dog tagBarbara Peters
Tractor partBob Jones
BuckleDan Spielman
1860's watch winderPhil Kemmerlin
No date large centBill Mills
Colonial copperRon Carter
18-22 million year old oyster fossilMike Slovikosky
1918 Wicomico County dog tagDoug Goodyear
1808-1828 Marine buttonJohn Rebman

ItemFound By
14K gold ring w/ stonesWayne Martin (Minelab Excalibur)
Costa sunglassesSusan Sullivan
10K gold love tokenBarbara Peters
1993 Czech Republic coinTony Goodyear

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