March 2018 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
11749 George II British pennyMarty Pratt (Teknetics T2)
1773 half reale CHTab Brannock
1785 Connecticut copperDoug Goodyear
1790 half realeLes Sherrill
No date large copperMike Slovikosky
1831 Matron head US large cent CHPhil Kemmerlin
No date Matron head US large cent CHJulie Pryor
1840's Braided hair US large centTony Goodyear
1868 Indian head pennyJohn Rebman
1873 Indian head pennyAndy Nunez
1900 Indian head pennyMike Beaman
1925 Mercury dimeElaine Anderson

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1800 Draped bust half dimeMarty Pratt (Teknetics T2)
1837 Capped bust half dimeTony Goodyear
1853 3-cent piece (trime)Doug Goodyear
1859 "fatty" Indian head pennyPhil Kemmerlin
1859 Indian head pennyAndy Nunez
1864 2-cent pieceLes Sherrill
1892 V nickelEd Donovan
1906 Indian head pennyTab Brannock
1909 shot wheat pennyMike Slovikosky
1913 buffalo nickelMike Beaman
1932 silver quarterElaine Anderson
1942 D wheat pennyBill Mills

ItemFound By
6 lb. cannonballMarty Pratt (Teknetics T2)
Button w/ shankMike Beaman
1881 spoonLes Sherrill
No date British or American copper CHJulie Pryor
"Faden" capJerry McClymont
Bell CHTab Brannock
Mystery itemBill Mills
Lever or button CHAndy Nunez
St. George tobacco tamper (1600-1700's) CHTony Goodyear
Horse tack (1700-1800's)Ed Donovan
Imperial Standard flat buttonMike Slovikosky
Fancy tombac buttonPhil Kemmerlin
1800's navy buttonJohn Rebman
Old serving spoon "Short"Doug Goodyear

ItemFound By
Silver ring w/ three stonesMarty Pratt (Teknetics T2)
Little League pinMike Corbin
Musically ornate watch winderLes Sherrill
BuckleJerry McClymont
PinTab Brannock
ButtonBill Mills
Small silverplate cuff button CHEd Donovan
Kidís bracelet claspTony Goodyear
Costume jewelry child's heart pendantMike Slovikosky
Old pinJohn Rebman
1830's Benedict & Burnham gold gilt buttonDoug Goodyear

ItemFound By
WW I/WW II-era lead Bull Babbitt casting from Ajax Metal Co. CHElaine Anderson (White's Machine)
Lead ingotMike Beaman
"Carl Meiner" handleLes Sherrill
ButtonJerry McClymont
SinkerTab Brannock
Carnival tokenBill Mills
WTB & Co. 20 pickerís tokenEd Donovan
Skeleton keyTony Goodyear
Ice axeMarty Pratt
Saddle strap guideMike Slovikosky
Snail shellAndy Nunez
SpurPhil Kemmerlin
Silver engraved belt buckleDoug Goodyear

ItemFound By
Silver ringMarty Pratt (Teknetics T2)
1968 quarterTab Brannock
Roy's Car Wash Token, Glen Burnie, MDTony Goodyear

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