October 2017 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
George II pennyTony Goodyear (AT Pro)
No date Draped Bust half centPhil Kemmerlin
1837 Classic Head large centSonny Willing
1863 Indian Head pennyCraig East
No date Indian Head pennyMike Slovikosky
1910 wheat penny CHMarty Pratt
1918 wheat pennyMitch Mitchell
1918 wheat pennyBill Draper
1940 Mercury dimeJerry McClymont
1942 wheat penny CHKaren Goodyear
1946 wheat pennyBill Mills

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
No date US large centPhil Kemmerlin (AT Pro)
1901 Indian Head penny CHMarty Pratt
1924 Mercury dimeCraig East
1937 wheat pennyLes Sherrill
1937 wheat pennySonny Willing
1944 quarterJerry McClymont
1947 wheat penny CHKaren Goodyear
1954 dimeMike Slovikosky
1963 dime CHTony Goodyear

ItemFound By
Collection of tokens from a Delmar shopBill Mills (AT Pro)
Ex-plated spoon CHKaren Goodyear
Three parts of an oil lanternJerry McClymont
Brass VA male dog tag from 1923Craig East
Large buckleMitch Mitchell
Garter strapDan Spielman
Two pieces of a decorative handleAndy Nunez
Remains of a Pony Boy cap pistolMike Slovikosky
Piece of chainEd Donovan
Harmonica reed CHMarty Pratt
Crotal bellTony Goodyear
Tombac buttonPhil Kemmerlin

ItemFound By
14K white gold ringBob Jones (Minelab CTX 3030)
Small bracelet (woven and plated)Karen Goodyear
Ornate Sterling ring w/ no stonePhil Kemmerlin
Plated ring w/ circle designCraig East
Small buttonBill Draper
Leather bracelet w/ "Jessica" and heartTony Goodyear
Pin w/ stonesBob Shaffer

ItemFound By
Metal Social Security Card CHJulie Pryor (Minelab 705)
Harmonica reedJerry McClymont
Lockblade w/ inlaySonny Willing
Double-ended clipEd Donovan
Tent stakeBob Shaffer
Charbroil logoBill Mills
Blue and white marbleCraig East
Top of 1930's whiskey sampler cap CHKaren Goodyear
Mardi Gras tokenBill Draper
Salt shaker top CHMarty Pratt
Small buckle CHDan Spielman
Railroad flattened pennyMike Slovikosky
Metal tag "Tuaca" Italian liquor CHPhil Kemmerlin
Penny stamped w/ "E D and 3" CHTony Goodyear
UMC shotgun casing (pre-Civil War)Mitch Mitchell

ItemFound By
1957 dimeWayne Martin (Minelab Excalibur)
Unidentified coin found on Coin BeachBob Jones
Group of banglesKaren Goodyear
Little bellBob Shaffer
Toy ATV "Polar"Tony Goodyear
"Ceramic" ringMike Slovikosky

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