November 2019 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
1737 George II British pennyAndy Nunez (Garrett ACE 400)
1755 realeLes Sherrill
1763 quarter reale Mike Beaman
1770 one realeDoug Goodyear
1780's Connecticut copperPhil Kemmerlin
No date cut quarter pistareenJohn Rebman
1858 Indian head pennyTony Goodyear
1890 Indian head penny???
1920 Mercury dimeReynold Cortigine

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
No date quarter of an eight realeJeff Anderson (Equinox 800)
No date George III British pennyBill Mills
1828 half dimeLes Sherrill
1828 large centTony Goodyear
1838 seated Liberty dimeJohn Rebman
1861 halfpennyCameron Maser
1876 seated Liberty quarterRon Carter
1887 Indian head pennyMike Beaman
1900 Barber quarterDoug Goodyear
1941 Mercury dimePhil Kemmerlin
1941 wheat pennyReynold Cortigine
1948 Cuban coinManny Ortiz

ItemFound By
1866-1900 KKK new recruit coin/tokenTony Goodyear (AT Pro)
Small buttonMike Beaman
Civil War “R” buttonRon Carter
Silver-plated button w/ handleAndy Nunez
Drawer pullMike Shannahan
Berlin bale sealPhil Kemmerlin
Confederate plateJohn Rebman
Cape buttonDoug Goodyear
WW I button made into piece of beltBill Mills
.50 caliber bulletReynold Cortigine

ItemFound By
Cooperstown baseball ringMike Beaman (? machine)
Silver-plated ringTony Goodyear
Gold-plated Avon ring???
Victorian-era gold-plated locketPhil Kemmerlin
Victorian-era brooch or plateJohn Rebman
Two-piece eagle buttonDoug Goodyear
1852-1900’s postal delivery buttonBill Mills
Silver ring w/ diamondsBarbara Peters

ItemFound By
Solid metal car toyDoug Goodyear (AT Max)
Crotal bellTony Goodyear
Souvenir Indian head spoonMike Beaman
1500’s crotal bellCameron Maser
No date flying eagle pennyRon Carter
USMC lapel pinMike Shannahan
Barrel tap keyJohn Rebman
Skeleton keyPhil Kemmerlin
1798 large centLes Sherrill
Wheat penny shot w/ .22 caliber bulletBarbara Peters
Old marbleBill Mills
Dog tagReynold Cortigine
Toy car partNatalya Cortigine

ItemFound By
Wizard game pieceTony Goodyear (AT Pro)
10K crucifixBarbara Peters
Bear Christmas pinMike Beaman

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