August 2017 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
No date George III British penny CHMarty Pratt (Fisher F 75 special edition)
No date US Matron head large cent CHEd Donovan
1839 Seated Liberty dimeCraig East
1862 Indian Head penny CHBob Jones
1864 Indian Head pennyJohn Rebman
1867 shield nickelPhil Kemmerlin
1870 Indian Head penny CHRon Carter
1878 Indian Head pennyTony Goodyear
1890 Indian Head penny CHTab Brannock
1898 Barber quarter w/ holeMike Beaman
1898 Indian Head pennyMitch Mitchell
1918 wheat penny CHBill Draper
1919 wheat penny CHWayne Martin
1920 wheat pennyJerry McClymont
1920 wheat pennyMike Slovikosky
1935 wheat penny CHKaren Rebman
1941 wheat pennyKaren Goodyear
1944 wheat pennyBarbara Peters

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1862 silver 3-cent pieceJohn Rebman (XP Deus)
No date Matron head large cent CHRon Carter
No date 2-cent piece CHTab Brannock
1864 Indian Head penny CHSonny Willing
1884 Indian Head penny CHDan Spielman
1891 Seated Liberty quarterPhil Kemmerlin
1900 V nickelBill Draper
1906 Barber dimeTony Goodyear
1907 Indian Head pennyMike Slovikosky
1915 wheat penny CHEd Donovan
1924 wheat pennyCraig East
1927 Mercury dime CHWayne Martin
1942 wheat pennyBarbara Peters
1943 D quarterElaine Anderson
1952 D wheat pennyKaren Goodyear

ItemFound By
Bronze life ring w/ crossed oars WW I-era Coast Guard pinMike Beaman (Garrett AT Pro)
Silver-plated buckleCraig East
Suspender clipKaren Goodyear
Brass female shape roach clipBarbara Peters
1930 VA chauffeur's badge/license CHBob Jones
potato crate/basket number tag CHSonny Willing
Broken buckle CHEd Donovan
Part of an oil lamp knob CHMarty Pratt
Large cape button CHKaren Rebman
Lead seal - "? Brand first" CHDan Spielman
JFD 1 bucket token CHJohn Rebman
Brass knobTab Brannock
Ship spikeTony Goodyear
WW I-era MD National Guard collar diskPhil Kemmerlin
Cuff button CHRon Carter
Small buckshot CHJulie Pryor
Toy gun cylinderJerry McClymont
WW I-era horse bridle piece w/ eagleMike Slovikosky
2 buttons w/ lyres from one holeWayne Martin
Canvas tent holder/rivet CHBill Draper
Part of a buckleMitch Mitchell

ItemFound By
14K white gold ringRon Carter (Fisher CZ 21)
Small plated braceletKaren Goodyear
Sterling ring w/ fire patternBarbara Peters
Broken Sterling ring w/ stonePhil Kemmerlin
.925 earring w/ wine glass charmDan Spielman
Knee buckleJerry McClymont
Plated pendant w/ chainTony Goodyear
Sterling pin w/ initials (RMS)Bill Draper
Small necklace w/ beadsTab Brannock
Costume feather ringJohn Rebman
BuckleCraig East
Tombac buttonMike Slovikosky

ItemFound By
Tomato canning tokenJerry McClymont (Garrett AT Pro)
E-cigaretteKaren Goodyear
1920's MD athletic pin w/ gildingPhil Kemmerlin
.925 silver toe ringRon Carter
Day at a Time token/AA medalMike Beaman
Small buttonTab Brannock
Button w/ shankEd Donovan
Decorative button w/ hole CHJulie Pryor
Top half of silver utensilJohn Rebman
Half of a spherical button w/ clover type design?
Marijuana grinderTony Goodyear
Pliers w/ cordBob Jones
Flat button "Treble Gilt"Bill Draper
Ox knobMike Slovikosky
14K plated earringBarbara Peters
MusketballCraig East
American Building Co. "something"Mitch Mitchell
Small pulley CHKaren Rebman
Button CHMarty Pratt

ItemFound By
Sterling cross w/ chainBarbara Peters (Minelab 705)
Shark hookBob Jones
Thomas the Train toyTony Goodyear
Anthony's Beer and Wine bottle opener key chainKaren Goodyear
Italian silver-plated crucifixJohn Rebman
14K gold ring w/ stoneRon Carter
BuckleTab Brannock

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