February 2020 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
1622-1636 Philip IV cobMike Slovikosky (AT Gold)
1729-1739 George II young headMike Shannahan
1736 copperDan Spielman
1736-1760 Irish halfpennyDoug Goodyear
1794-1808 draped bust large centPhil Kemmerlin
1825 capped bust dimeJohn Rebman
1839-1857 matron head large centTony Goodyear
1864 2-cent pieceAndy Nunez
1917 Walking Liberty half dollarReynold Cortigine

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1793 chain centMike Slovikosky (AT Gold)
1749 Spanish 1 realeJohn Rebman
1815 half realePhil Kemmerlin
1835 capped bust half dimeDoug Goodyear
1836 $2.50 gold pieceDan Spielman
1846 large centAndy Nunez
1877 seated Liberty dimeTony Goodyear
1887 Indian head pennyMike Beaman
1891 dimeMike Shannahan
1899 Morgan dollarKaren Rebman
1944 Mercury dimeElaine Anderson
1945 Mercury dimeReynold Cortigine
1989 quarterNatalya Cortigine

ItemFound By
Federal artillery buttonTony Goodyear (AT Pro)
ButtonBob Shaffer
1870's Old Guard of New York buttonPhil Kemmerlin
Ox knobMike Slovikosky
1700's horse brassJohn Rebman
KeyMike Shannahan
Best/USN lockElaine Anderson
Half of crotal bellDoug Goodyear
1700-1800's flat buttonKaren Rebman
US collar diskReynold Cortigine
Suspender claspWayne Martin
Saddle shieldAndy Nunez

ItemFound By
10K ringPhil Kemmerlin (Equinox 600)
Silver-plated necklaceTony Goodyear
RingMike Beaman
ButtonMike Slovikosky
Brass ringMike Shannahan
Fancy buttonDoug Goodyear
Silver pinReynold Cortigine
Old pocket watchElaine Anderson
1800's brooch/pinJohn Rebman
Plated heart charmAndy Nunez

ItemFound By
PinReynold Cortigine
1960's toy VolkswagenTony Goodyear
BuckleMike Beaman
ButtonBob Shaffer
Suspender claspMike Slovikosky
Monogrammed Sterling pencilPhil Kemmerlin
1921 Caroline County dog tagJohn Rebman
1896 dog tagMike Shannahan
Cape buttonDoug Goodyear
Skeleton keyElaine Anderson
1981 dimeNatalya Cortigine
Colonial shoe bucklesAndy Nunez

ItemFound By
14K ringPhil Kemmerlin (Equinox 600)
Car keyTony Goodyear

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