February 2018 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
1699 20 ReisLes Sherrill
1910 wheat penny CH Andy Nunez
1945 war nickel CHAmy Taylor
George II halfpennyMike Beaman
1887 Indian Head penny CHBill Draper
1918 wheat pennyMitch Mitchell
1937 buffalo nickelRon Carter
1820 over 19 large centJeff Anderson
1920 wheat pennyMarty Pratt
No date George II pennyPhil Kemmerlin
1797 Draped bust large cent CHDoug Goodyear
No date large centMike Slovikosky
1865 Indian Head pennyMike Shannahan
1835 ? CHTony Goodyear
No date George ? penny CHJohn Rebman
1888 Indian Head pennyBill Mills

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1700's cut 2 reale CHBill Draper (XP Deus)
1789 1 reale Les Sherrill
1 realeMitch Mitchell
1820 large cent Jerry McClymont
1834 large cent Phil Kemmerlin
1847 Braided Hair large cent Doug Goodyear
1882 Seated Liberty dime Mike Slovikosky
1901 Indian Head penny Tony Goodyear
1901 Indian Head penny Bill Mills
No date Indian head penny CHAndy Nunez
1910 wheat penny Marty Pratt
Play money 5¢ CHRon Carter

ItemFound By
1895 fire badgeMike Slovikosky (AT Gold)
Furniture piece CHBob Shaffer
PocketwatchMike Beaman
Unknown brass stud CHAndy Nunez
Old buckle CHBill Draper
Bitters bottleRon Carter
No date large centTony Fascelli
Mustard seed canJerry McClymont
Apothecary weight CHWayne Martin
Flat button ("London" on back)Mitch Mitchell
Lewis & Tomes eagle w/ shield button circa 1815 CHElaine Anderson
ButtonMarty Pratt
Small button CHEd Donovan
Piece of silver spoonLes Sherrill
Colonial oval bucklePhil Kemmerlin
Italian .22 starter pistolDoug Goodyear
Buckle CHJohn Rebman
Plated spoonTony Goodyear

ItemFound By
Ring made from coinMike Corbin (AT Pro)
Button CHRon Carter
Ornate silver button CHEd Donovan
Colonial silver button/cufflinkPhil Kemmerlin
Engraved bracelet (possibly silver)Doug Goodyear
Cuff buttonMike Slovikosky
WatchTony Goodyear

ItemFound By
Indian discPhil Kemmerlin (eyeball find)
Watch fobMike Beaman
Small silver buttonMitch Mitchell
Unknown plate CHBob Shaffer
.58 caliber minie ball CHBill Draper
1920's razorJerry McClymont
Ford emblemMike Corbin
Tootsie toyWayne Martin
Flat button CHRon Carter
1800's-era stirrupElaine Anderson
Forking thingMarty Pratt
Bullet leadEd Donovan
Hair pinLes Sherrill
Slide lockMike Slovikosky
French 7th Infantry badgeDoug Goodyear
LockMike Shannahan
Bracket CHGarrow King
Grinding stoneJohn Rebman
1940 play moneyTony Goodyear
Scabbard holderBill Mills

ItemFound By
1729-1730 1 reale S mint pistareenLes Sherrill (AT Pro)
Fishing lureTony Goodyear

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