November 2018 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
No date George III British halfpennyAndy Nunez (Garrett Ace 400)
1834 large American penny CHEd Donovan
1850 large American pennyPhil Kemmerlin
1889 Indian head pennyTony Goodyear
1905 Indian head pennyDoug Goodyear

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
Walking Liberty half dollarElaine Anderson (White's machine)
1829 capped bust half dimeLes Sherrill
1890 Seated Liberty dimePhil Kemmerlin
1898 V nickel CHAmy Taylor
1907 Barber dimeTony Goodyear
1912 Barber dimeHunter Parsons
1919 wheat pennyMike Beaman
1927 Mercury dimeDoug Goodyear

ItemFound By
Civil War brass Marine buckleElaine Anderson (White's machine)
"Ball and Ball"Mike Beaman
Back of 1900's gold-plated pocketwatchTony Goodyear
Lamp topBill Mills
Plated stamped buttonAndy Nunez
Skeleton keyPhil Kemmerlin
Tombac button CHDoug Goodyear
1942 Mercury dimeHunter Parsons
Heart-shaped button CHBob Heimert

ItemFound By
Silver ladies' pocketwatchDoug Goodyear (AT Max)
Best Friend charmTony Goodyear
Compact caseBill Mills
American flag lapel pinPhil Kemmerlin
Spoon ringBarbara Peters
Buckle CHEd Donovan

ItemFound By
Lipstick tube (1920's)Tony Goodyear (AT Pro)
PocketknifeMike Beaman
Tower pocketwatch circa 1920Elaine Anderson
Old buckleAndy Nunez
Good Luck badgeBill Mills
ArrowheadPhil Kemmerlin
1850's NY Municipal Police button CHDoug Goodyear
Waterbury, CT buttonBarbara Peters
"What's it?" CHEd Donovan
Gold-plated cuff linkHunter Parsons
Unknown itemBob Heimert

ItemFound By
10K grillBarbara Peters (Minelab Excalibur)
Memphis guitar pick bottle openerTony Goodyear

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