August 2018 Finds of The Month

signifies winner
"CH" signifies item found on club hunt

Oldest Identifiable Coin
ItemFound By
1809 half centDoug Goodyear (AT Max)
1882 Indian head pennyTony Goodyear
1883 Indian head pennyPhil Kemmerlin
No date "fatty" Indian head pennyMike Slovikosky
1923 wheat pennyDarlene Stevens
1944 wheat pennyBarbara Peters

Club Favorite
ItemFound By
1825-1853 one realePhil Kemmerlin (AT Pro)
First federal tokenBill Draper
1859 Indian head pennyDoug Goodyear
1864 2-cent pieceMike Slovikosky
1944 Mercury dimeTony Goodyear
1954D wheat pennyBarbara Peters

ItemFound By
Civil War federal hat plateMike Corbin (AT Pro)
Skate keyMike Beaman
WW II eagle button Tony Goodyear
Ford capMike Slovikosky
Button Jerry McClymont
Crotal bell w/ dinger Doug Goodyear
New York World's Fair tokenBill Draper
Confederate Sharp's ringtail bulletPhil Kemmerlin
BuckleJohn Rebman
CompactDarlene Stevens

ItemFound By
14K Pandora ringTony Goodyear (AT Pro)
.925 shimmering heart key pendantBarbara Peters
BroochJerry McClymont
Junk ringMike Slovikosky
Flat buttonDoug Goodyear
1700's tombac buttonPhil Kemmerlin
Several bracelet charmsJohn Rebman
RingDarlene Stevens
Ladies' ringBill Draper

ItemFound By
Civil War Infantry buttonMike Corbin (AT Pro)
Electrical disconnectMike Beaman
KnifeMike Slovikosky
Jewel-encrusted heartBarbara Peters
ButtonJerry McClymont
Old faucetDoug Goodyear
Glow-in-the-dark toy carTony Goodyear
Sterling cane topperPhil Kemmerlin
Decorative finial from 1805 houseElaine Anderson
Knights of Pythias badgeJohn Rebman

ItemFound By
10K gold signet ringBarbara Peters (Minelab machine)
12K gold-filled necklaceWayne Martin
Elephant necklace pendantTony Goodyear
Tungsten ringHunter Parsons
Junk ringsElaine Anderson
CrossDarlene Stevens

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