Shore Seekers Club News

Congratulations to Jerry McClymont, 2018 Shore Seeker of the Year. Jerry received this award, an engraved plaque, at the Christmas party on Dec. 10 in recognition of his outstanding service and dedication to the club and its members.

At our January 14th meeting, members submitted entries for 2018 Find of the Year. These were:

1633-34 hammered silver sixpence - Doug Goodyear
1776 1 reale - Bill Mills
1837 capped bust half dime - Tony Goodyear
Confederate block "I" button - John Rebman
14k gold signet ring "MPM" - Ed Donovan
18k engraved wedding band - Elaine Anderson

Elaine won this prestigious honor and was awarded a silver eagle.

Congratulations to both Jerry and Elaine.

Jan. 14, 2019

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