Shore Seekers Club News

Feb. 7, 2020
The club has s new meeting location. The new location is Christ United Methodist Church, 211 Phillip Morris Dr., Salisbury, MD. 21804. For directions, click here.

Jan. 9, 2020
Elections were held. All officers were re-elected, except for treasurer. Our new treasurer is Manny Ortiz. Congratulations to all officers.

The Find Of The Year competition was held. Entries were:

diplomatic office embossed seal - Doug Goodyear
platinum 3/4 carat diamond ring - Susie Sullivan
silver Washington funeral urn cufflink - Andy Nunez
1857 $1 gold coin - John Rebman
1773 8 reale (found on a club hunt) - Barbara Peters
1787 New Jersey copper - Elaine Anderson
There was a tie between John and Barbara. Congratulations to both.

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