Shore Seekers Club News

Oct. 20, 2018
2018 Members' Only Hunt Prize List

Bundle One - Manny Ortiz
Bundle Two - Doug Goodyear
Bundle Three - Andy Nunez
Bundle Four - Jeff Anderson
Bundle Five - Cynthia Fassel
Bundle Six - Jon Rowles
Pinpointer - Bill Draper
Silver state quarter set - Bill Mills
Obsolete WW II coin set - Scott MacLane
Detector strap - John Fassel
Gator shovel - Elaine Anderson
Andre's pencils - Dan Spielman
Serrated knife - Bill Draper
Gold coin - Manny Ortiz
Gator knife - John Fassel
$200 - Manny Ortiz
Kellyco mesh pouch - Jon Rowles
Free holiday dinner - Ash Bonebrake
White's detector - Jeff Anderson
"Bag o' Bling" - Elaine Anderson
Civil War bullet set - Tab Brannock
Floating screen - Art Martinez
ESTC raffle ticket - Bill Draper
Silver round - Manny Ortiz
Silver round - Bill Draper
Bundle Seven - Doug Goodyear
Bundle Eight - Scott MacLane
Bundle Nine - Marty Pratt
Bundle Ten - John Fassel
Bundle Eleven - Tab Brannock
Bundle Twelve - Marty Pratt
Pinpointer - Bill Draper
Gator shovel - Art Martinez
Silver Bicentennial coin set - Tab Brannock
Andre's pencils - Manny Ortiz
Detector strap - Art Martinez
Serrated knife - Sonny Willing
Lifewell knife - Phil Kemmerlin
$100 Kellyco card + pouch - Dan Spielman
Gold coin + decal - John Fassel
Gold coin + decal - Jerry McClymont
Gator knife - John Fassel
Gator knife - Doug Goodyear
ACW hunt w/ Scott Lupro + t-shirt and decal - Doug Goodyear
$400 Kellyco card - Cynthia Fassel
Silver round - Ed Donovan
Silver round - Bill Mills

Congratulations also to our raffle winners whose names weren't recorded in all the excitement.

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