Shore Seekers Club News

Jan. 22, 2018
Club elections were held. Bill Draper stepped down as president after many years of service. He will remain as huntmaster. Craig East has stepped down as treasurer. Andy Nunez was nominated to become President. Jerry McClymont was nominated as treasurer. There were no additional nominees for the positions of vice president and secretary. Andy and Jerry were elected and Ed Donovan and Julie Pryor were returned as vice president and secretary respectively. Thanks to Bill and Craig for their years of service and congratulations to the current officers.

Treasure Hunter of the Year was awarded at our Christmas party in December. Long time Shore Seeker, John Johnson, who died in October, was unanimously awarded this honor. John's dedication to the club and its members is and was appreciated by everyone. We presented a commemorative plaque to John's widow, Dawn, at our party. Thank you John - we'll all miss you.

We also voted for 2017 Find of the Year. Entries were:

USN officer's brass sword belt buckle - Tab Brannock
1833 gold pin with Latin inscription ("I would rather be than seem to be") - John Rebman
WW I-era Coast Guard bronze life ring and oars pin - Mike Beaman
1891 Seated Liberty quarter - Phil Kemmerlin
1735 Mexican half reale - Marty Pratt
1774 half reale - Mike Shannahan
1920 Standing Liberty quarter - Tony Goodyear
1790 two reale - Les Sherrill
1621-1665 Philip IV cut pistareen - Doug Goodyear
1839 half dime - Andy Nunez
1769 Goerge II Hibernia penny - Mike Slovikosky
14k ring with 15 diamonds - Barbara Peters

Congratulations to all. Tab will receive a prize for his winning entry.

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